Get Invisalign® Teeth Aligners at Our Calgary Dental Centre

Did you know it’s possible to correct the positioning of your teeth (gaps, crowding) without drastically changing your appearance? Gone are the days when metal braces were the only method for dealing with crooked teeth. Invisalign® is a wildly popular teeth straightening system that is now available at Panorama Hills Dental Centre. Come in for a consultation to find out if Invisalign® is the right solution for you. Our Calgary clinic offers clear teeth aligners for your comfort and convenience. Do you know someone looking for a new dental service provider? We reward referrals, and new patients are always welcome.

How It Works

If you believe you’re a candidate for Invisalign® aligners, one of our dentists will take X-rays and impressions to create a digital 3-D image of your teeth to map out your precise treatment. Based on the proposed treatment plan you will then be supplied with a series of custom aligners made from BPA-free plastic that are comfortable and easily removed. As you wear each set, your teeth will gradually shift into the proper position.

The Benefits

Invisalign® aligners provide the wearer with many clear advantages when compared to conventional metal braces.

  • Appearance: they are barely visible while being worn
  • Convenience: they can be removed while eating sticky foods and enable easier teeth cleaning
  • Comfort: smooth and comfortable, these products also reduce instances of gum disease and cavities
  • Predictable results: your treatment is fully computerized and monitored to eliminate the trial-and-error process braces can impose
  • Treatment length: the duration of treatment for Invisalign® patients is, on the whole, significantly shorter than it is for people wearing traditional braces.

Are you curious to learn more? Get in touch with the team at Panorama Hills Dental Centre today.


Who’s a Candidate?

Generally speaking, older teenagers and adults are the most suitable patients as their teeth have stopped growing. Because the aligners are removable, a certain degree of discipline is required for the process to be successful. A visit with one our dentists can help determine your eligibility.

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