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Panorama Hills Dental Centre offers a broad range of dental services from General to Cosmetic dentistry to help you maintain the best healthy smile you deserve. Our exceptional and experienced dental team is committed and passionate in helping you prevent future dental problems with our comprehensive list of dental services.

Panorama Hills Dental Centre offers the following dental services:

General Dentistry:

• Dental exams and cleanings

• Composite fillings

• Tooth extractions
• Root canal therapy
• Sealants
• Night guards/Sports mouthguards
• Space maintainer for kids
• Sedation with nitrous oxide

Cosmetic Dentistry:
• Custom trays - teeth whitening
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Veneers
• Dentures (complete/partial)

Preventive Care
• Regular dental checkups
• Dental sealants
• Space maintainers

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