Preventive Dental Care in Calgary

Staying on top of dental preventive care will enable you to maintain a healthy mouth that is free of diseases and avoid lengthy procedures that can be quite expensive. By caring for your teeth in a proactive way, you’re doing your part in avoiding cavities, gum disease, enamel wear and more. Scheduling regular checkups with Panorama Hills Dental Centre is critical to catching mouth disease early on – call us today for more information!

Preventive Dentistry Care

We offer the following preventive care products and services:

Regular Dental Checkups– routine teeth cleanings are an important part of dental health. Sometimes, you can’t tell if there is an impending problem without a doctor’s discretion!

Dental Sealants– preventing future tooth decay can be done with dental sealants. This treatment fills in the grooves of your teeth, avoiding decay and cavities.

Space Maintainers– these devices help keep the space available for a permanent tooth open so future teeth don’t erupt in the wrong place.

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